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Managed Hosting

Advanced site hosting* to protect you! Website Hosting Services

Server stability, code security, file access and storage, updates, and backups are critical for todays advanced website operation.

Your “managed hosting” provides you the following:

  • Automatic Backups

Your PoolSite gets backed up every 36 hours for the ultimate protection.

  • Security Updates

Web code is constantly changing, and constantly under attack by hackers. Your new PoolSite is under continual supervision and regularly receives security updates to protect you against the latest attacks.

  • “App” Updates

PoolSites are built upon powerful HTML5 architecture which allows massively flexible functionality and state of the art performance. These special “sites” perform much more like an “app” than a traditional website. Custom “extensions” and “advance features” can be added to your site to create the web environment you want. Hundreds of “extensions” are available now and more are being developed every day.

Your “Pro” or above PoolSite comes with many custom “apps” already built in. These and any future “app upgrade” we perform, is protected with lifetime updates at no additional cost or labor to you.

  • Rock Solid Servers

Many “web host” services run your site on a server in a back room, basement, or warehouse somewhere.

Your new PoolSite is hosted on state of the art, secure, and powerful, “Amazon” and “InMotion” data servers. Your site is awesome, it’s protected by an incredible team, and we top it all off by running on the most advanced servers on the planet. You get world class service, not just a server in someones basement.

  • Expert Hosting Team

PoolSites are developed, managed, protected, and updated by a team of expert developers, available to address any need you might have. Need a custom “app”…, we do that! Need a custom function for your site…., we do that too! In fact, we can do anything website related from the smallest design change to creating custom eCommerce sites.

  • Optimization Updates

PoolSites are “optimized” right out of the box! Most web developers first built your site, then charge thousands extra to “optimize” it for the search engines.

Our unparalleled expertise in “search engine optimization” is fully utilized providing you a “PoolSites” site that is optimized as part of it’s original design. Additionally, this “built in” optimization is updated regularly for you, at no extra cost*, as part of our “Pro” and above level services.

We take pride in every aspect of the technology and service we deliver.

*”Pro” level and above services include these features at no additional charge. On site “optimization updates” are not the same as “SEO services” which perform numerous “offsite” services such as content posting, link building, social referencing and more. Full “SEO” services are available, if desired, to maximize your footprint on the web.

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