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Have a question? Submit it to the Help Desk and get a prompt reply!help desk

Your new PoolSite has an integrated “Help Desk”* for those times when you may need a little help. Just enter your “admin” dashboard and submit a “Help” ticket and our team will provide you a rapid response.

In addition, we have posted over 30, short, easy to understand, tutorial videos*, right inside your dashboard where they are easy to find, that take you step by step through every common function of these high performance sites.

You wouldn’t buy a Ferrari without an owners manual, and indeed this IS a Ferrari of a website, yet most website developers provide you no videos, no “Help Desk”, not even so much as a worksheet on how to operate your new site. We keep it easy and fun to build a web marketing program that ROCKS!

*”Pro” level and above services include these features at no additional charge.

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