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Advanced Technology

Your site provides you a platform for growth and developmentWebsite Development Technology

PoolSites are built on the latest HTML5 flexible technology which can be easily updated so you don’t become obsolete. This new flexible platform is continually updated to the latest standards.

Websites have been traditionally built on “static” platforms that became obsolete just a few years after they were launched.

Now with the insanely rapid changes in web technology, these old style sites can become obsolete in months instead of years committing you to either being continually obsolete, or continually rebuilding your site to stay up to date, which can be outrageously expensive.

We have your back with PoolSites, providing continual development and updates for you as part of our “Pro” level and above services.

Automatic Updates – In the past, your sites features became obsolete quickly. Now with PoolSites advanced update design, we deploy feature updates automatically. This unprecedented level of service saves you huge amounts of money and time by keeping your site up to date at no additional charge*!

Spam and Hack Protection – Hackers are everywhere, but your site is equipped with active protection against the enemy! Cool!

You Have Control – Your PoolSite provides a full “CMS” site, (Content Management System). This gives you full “admin rights” and access to an easy to use dashboard so you can change and update your content anytime you like! You have password protected access to an easy to use control panel so you can add, text, pictures, videos and forms anytime you like. You can even assign an unlimited number “users” each who have individually assigned rights to add content but not adjust the “settings” on your site, protecting you from human error.

*”Pro” level and above services include these features at no additional charge.

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